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YP Connect - February

March 02, 2020

The topic at the latest YP Connect held in Denton, Texas was Noah and the Ark in Genesis 7. Below are some testimonies from the junior and high schoolers who attended.


One point I enjoyed is that we are on the ark and not in the water. The water in this chapter signifies death and destruction. In addition, at the bottom of the ocean lay everything that was destroyed. I particuarly enjoyed this because we are saved by being in the ark and should let go of any negative items. One example that was shared is that some may smoke. Yet, at some point, they were able to stop forever, and it is now under the sea.


I enjoyed how they used the example of Baptism. When you are being baptized, it is like being buried because you are put under the water and you come up as a new person. When coming out of the water, you are transferred from Satan’s kingdom into the kingdom of God.


I liked the sharing time so that I could hear everyone’s thoughts from the message that was given. I also like the recreation time where we could meet new young people who I didn’t know before.

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